What would Olympic swimmer Ryan Lochte do? Uh, what is he not doing? 

"I'm a lot different than any other kind of Olympian. I mean, there's so much more to me than swimming. I like to go out and have fun. I like to go dancing, hang out with my friends," Lochte said.  

What would get Lochte's attention? 

"What?!? My philosophy is if you're a man at night you got to be a man in the morning," Lochte said. 

That's Olympic swimmer and "one-night stand" man Ryan Lochte giving what is arguably the worst TV interview ever. His interview was so bad that the "Good Day Philadelphia” morning news anchors, Mike Jerrick and Sheinelle Jones, were crying from laughing so hard. Lochte was promoting his new reality show "What Would Ryan Lochte Do?" It became very clear during the interview that even Lochte couldn't answer that question. 

"He is good looking," Jones said laughing hysterically after the mess of an interview ended. 

"Seriously how are they going to get enough material? What was the question that stumped him?" Jerrick said. "Seriously, how are they going to put together like 13 weeks of programming?"

Ironically that craptastic interview will probably be the best promotion for the show. It gives a whole new meaning to the question "What Would Ryan Lochte Do?" 

And I want to find out. 


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