You probably think your toilet is a throne because you have a super cool crocheted cover or a cushioned toilet seat. Or perhaps you despise your toilet because of its low-flush system or toilet handle that falls off every time you flush (like mine).

The toilet has come a long way since man's first crapper: the bush. Below you will find (drum roll, please) some of the best and worst toilet innovations. You'll either feel insanely jealous or very blessed with your porcelain pooper.
If you're not getting enough criticism from your woman in the bedroom, now you can feel humiliated in the bathroom.
Gotta go No.1 or No.2? Here's a hole and a hose.
I'm not sure how this toilet works, but I'm compelled to try it.
No, flower toilets do not smell better than other toilets.
I can't tell you what the the towel is for.
Stunning, but not functional.
And you thought the guy who secretly filmed you taking a poop was creepy.
Trust me, take a leak. They don't mind.
Don't you feel stupid that you used to complain about there being no hand wash in the bathroom at work?
Because taking a leak in the alley is soo gross.
There's a traffic cone joke that goes with this picture. I just can't think of one.
Sure, it's all good until you crash.
Now you can get back at those mean nuns from your Catholic school.
It's like acid, you got to try it at least once in your life. 
Do you sit or squat?
Isn't it enough that we have to listen to jazz instrumentals in the bathroom?
Why man eventually just started peeing with the bathroom door open.
Don't let PETA see this.


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