Cell phone video of Rehoboth Beach, Del. police officers repeatedly Tasering a man only identified by his screaming wife as "Jeremy" is blowing up on the Internet. 

And because it's the most exciting thing to happen in Delaware ever, Rehoboth Beach Mayor Sam Cooper and Police Chief Keith Banks are both involved. The local news even dug up the backstory. 

It all started when Jeremy Anderson, 34, got into a verbal altercation with a hotel worker over a room key and the police were called. Anderson, who hails from Pennsylvania, reportedly made a "threatening gesture" toward an officer, according to WUSA9. That's when the situation escalated and Anderson's pregnant wife pulled out her cell phone to record it all. 

The video shows officers repeatedly Taser Anderson. One officer is seen kicking Anderson in the head. His pregnant wife stood on the sidelines, yelling and nagging at everyone. 

Anderson was charged with disorderly conduct, resisting arrest and offensive touching of an officer—the latter offense sounds more interesting than it is. He was jailed for two days. Judging by the sound of his nagging wife's voice, those were the most restful nights he's had in months.

The police chief says an internal investigation is underway.
Happy Monday! I know. I'm dragging from the weekend as well. Listen, just chill out, drink your coffee and watch this adorable 90-year-old grandmother experience for the first time the Oculus Rift virtual reality headset. This granny's reaction to seeing a virtual reality demo of Tuscany is too cute. 

Prepare to hear every idiom ever uttered in the 1920s. Holy mackerel, you bet your bottom dollar you'll feel ready to start your day with a smile. 
When you go swimming with the sharks you're asking for trouble. 

Bryan Plummer caught a great white shark attacking a cage of divers on March 21 in South Africa. After getting his head stuck in the diver's cage, the shark thrashed around and then freed itself and swam away. 

"Holy fuck balls" is right. 
A YouTuber posted on July 21 a video of a monkey seeming to direct a man at the Welsh Mountain Zoo to help him escape. The monkey seems to be pointing to bolts securing the window in his enclosure, and asking the man to twist them loose. Some commenters, though, think the monkey is simply using sign language to ask for cookie. 

Would you help a monkey escape, or (if you believe some commenters) would you help the monkey score a cookie?
Today's stranger likes to do his running barefoot and he doesn't care if you stare. We met Mike Almazan, 38, in Los Feliz, Calif. where he allowed us to interrupt his run with three questions. "I try to be as barefoot as I can," Almazan said, who has been running shoe-less for nearly a year. I gotta admit, he's got sum pretty feet. 

Almazan is part of a running revolution that's not new. Chances are you've seen a barefoot runner in your neighborhood and wondered simply: why? 

Barefoot running gained popularity after journalist and author Christopher McDougall penned his 2009 book "Born to Run." Barefoot runners say they can run faster and suffer fewer injuries. Really? Tell the chick at Sports Authority who sold me these $100 shoes that I want my money back. 

So we asked to see Almazan's feet.