This is fucking fantastic journalism! Vice examined the lives of the families in the Westboro Baptist Church, which is known for picketing the funerals of homosexuals and its "God Hates Fags" posters. They picketed the 2006 funeral of gay soldier Lance Cpl. Matthew Snyder who was killed in Iraq. 

This is the first part in the Vice series called "Cult Kids: Westboro." The second part can be viewed here. 
Actress Kristen Stewart's cheating ways not only ruined her "Twilight" boyfriend Robert Pattinson's life, but also she's making girls cry, too. Twenty-five-year-old British YouTuber NuttyMadam posted a video response after hearing about the news that Stewart cheated on her boyfriend with married director Rupert Sanders.  

This Twi-tard is taking the news of Stewart's infidelity to a new level saying through her tears in an online video, "Fucking leave them alone!" Yes, please, God Save the Queen and fucking leave them alone!
Everyone has one. Everyone hates them. I'm talking about that especially irritating friend you can't seem to shake. You know, the guy who thinks he's super funny and is going to be a comedy writer in Hollywood. Meet Blake Grigsby. He's a high school senior who loves entertainment, according to the That's Almost Funny website. 

Grigsby, who probably didn't get enough attention from his parents, is always looking for a laugh. Recently at Junior High Camp, Grigsby did "random trust falls into random people." It's funny the first time, but annoying each time after. 

This is what happens to children who are encouraged too much; they start to believe that their annoying antics are actually funny. A note to parents: Discourage your children and discourage their dreams. You'll cut down on the population of douchebags. 
The 2012 Olympics kicked off in London on July 27 and the girl-on-girl drama is already starting. Aly Raisman, 18, out scored teammate and Jordyn Wieber for the chance to take home an individual gold medal. Crybaby Wieber, 17, doesn't even have the courtesy to step out of the camera frame for Raisman's victory interview. Wrraw! Could there be a full on cat fight?

Stealing the show must run in the family because a video of Raisman's parents watching her performance is blowing up on the Internet. Take a look at the funny video of them tensely watching their daughter. 
It's Monday morning, and that means my mom was probably at the movies over the weekend, checking out the newest releases. This is the second edition of the series "Movies Ma Likes" and already my mom is trying to hustle a free movie ticket from me in exchange for an interview. 

She headed to the matinee showing of the new Wes Anderson movie "Moonrise Kingdom," which opened in theaters June 22. Reviewers gave it pretty decent reviews. OK. That's an understatement. Peter Travers with the Rolling Stone wrote that, "Anderson is oxygen in a Hollywood choking from chasing its own greed-driven tail." But my mom, well, she wasn't as impressed. I talked to her over the phone about the movie “Moonrise Kingdom.”

Did you see any movies this weekend?
What did I see? I can’t remember what it was. Oh, what the heck was it? ‘Moonrise Kingdom’ and ‘Magic ‘Mike and then there was something else I saw.

So you’re only going to interview me about movies that are actually new? Why can’t you interview me about movies I see on Netflix?

I really don’t go to a lot of new movies. Most the time I’m watching Netflix, you know.

Why don’t you pay for me to go to a movie? I’ll go see something. I’ll go see 'Ted' about the teddy bear. That looked cute.

That’s not really a cute movie.
Oh, look 'Step Up.' The movie’s in 3-D [she's browsing online listings]. Can I go see that? Give me eight bucks.

I don't know about you, but I have a crazy cold and need a little YouTube pick-me-up. Here's a cute video of some country folk rescuing three bear cubs from a dumpster.